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Empire Paintball is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of paintball sporting goods.Whether that comes from tactical prowess or better gear is up to you, but a reliable HPA tank can serve you well in either situation.Many players use a sleeve or cover on their tanks to protect them from damage.The HPA fill station is designed as a yoke mount over a standard scuba bottle.

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I am thinking about getting a QB79 and attaching a hpa tank on it.In theory, you would think that CO2 and HPA would be really similar.Check out this link for an explanation of tanks and fills. To.I was looking to buy a paintball gun and I contacted them by email.

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I sent them an email letting them know that I was really hoping that I could get my gear in by Friday for the No Limits game, and they upgraded my 2x 68ci tanks to 77ci (for free) to get my order out sooner.Ninja Compressed HPA Paintball Tank is the only tank which has more than 25 colors of a cylinder.

The Air Venturi 13 oz. aluminum high pressure air tank is a great option for many airguns and is also a common modding accessory.Shopping for Cheap HPA Tank at HPAT Metal Plastics Store and more from high pressure air tank,air tank,air pressure tank,paintball air tank,paintball air,air paintball tank on Aliexpress.com,the Leading Trading Marketplace from China.

Recently I have seen many interest in HPA driven systems but none of the answers I was looking for.

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The DAM will only work with Compressed air or Nitrogen air (HPA) system.If the tank is out of test, get a written agreement with the seller for a complete refund if the tank does not pass hydrostatic testing, before you buy it.It has the same performance as HPA and gives you 200 shots per cartridges.You can get a lot more fills at higher pressure if you cascade your scuba tanks.

The first decision you need to make when buying an HPA tank is whether you want an aluminum or carbon fiber tank.

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They gave me excellent deals and helped me find what I wanted shipped right to my door.

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Carbon dioxide or CO2 is filled by moving the compressed liquid form of the gas from a larger tank to a smaller CO2 tank.Ninja Paintball was formed to provide quality air systems and accessories manufactured in the USA.

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Individuals can also own some of the smaller industrial nitrogen tanks, up to about a 124 CF size, or you can lease larger ones, up to around 300 CF.

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A perfect tank for any paintball marker that operates on High Pressure.While aluminum air tanks (commonly referred to as steelies) may be a lot cheaper than carbon fiber, they can only hold up to 3000 PSI.Known as the Expert in High Pressure Air, ExpertHPA provides the HIGHEST quality Paintball, PCP Airgun and High Pressure Air products.

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